Right near the Duomo,

at the very heart of Florence,

on Via del Proconsolo,

shadowed by the Bargello,

lies a piece of Tuscany worth discovering...

It will seem upon entering "Le Mossacce" that you are in a Florentine home.

You will be greeted by the informal and sincerely open arms of the Fantoni-Mannucci family, which for over 50 years has run this restaurant always preserving the local gastronomic traditions.

You will be surrounded by the sweet smells of the local dishes, the ribollita or the inzimino; you will be able to choose the very cut of your Florentine beefsteak, and also from our kitchen you will be able to uncover the secrets of Florentine recipes. On our menu you will always the freshest products cooked with that very simplicity and flavour that has made the Tuscan cuisine famous throughout the world. All, of course, to be accompanied by an optimum Chianti.

But, above all else, here you will be able to make new friends. In this restaurant, noted by Florentines as a place to relax while dining, you will be able to ask about local happenings in the city and also discover Florence and her true spirit outside the classic tourist routes. As soon as you will have comfortably finished eating, Marcello will say, "fuori uno avanti un altro", "As one leaves, one arrives". It is because in this restaurant even though one does not reserve a table, all will eat and no one will leave hungry.


Trattoria Le Mossacce

Via del Proconsolo 55r, Firenze

Tel. +39



Lunch 12:00 / 14:30 - Dinner 19:00 / 21:30

Saturday and festive closed